Islay Corners Photography

Day 13 – Old Friends

In Project 365 on January 13, 2012 at 8:48 PM

Back when my daughter was about my son’s age, she loved to look out the window. She also discovered that there were furry little creatures who co-habitate with us.

Phenix has always been very friendly (read: tolerant) of my daughter, T. Our ginger lady has always been more than willing to sit in the room where the kids are just to be close but not too close to the adults. It is really the only time she gets attention without interference from Gryffin.

One day back when T was about 17 months old sat in the window in our room and up hopped Phenix. The cat sat next to our toddler within reach but not too close. They stayed there long enough to get a picture. Its one of my favourite shots.

Fast track to now. T is approaching 5 (*sniff*) and Phenix is still willing to sit for a photo.

I love that cat.


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